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General Audience Publications:

Nourished Planet: Sustainability in the Food System
Edited by Danielle Nierenberg, Laurie Fisher, Brian Frederick, and Michael Peñuelas

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How to Create a Sustainable Future
People Care When They See the Cost: Evaluating Food Systems
Supporting Organic Agriculture “is truly putting America first”
“Health and nutrition experts should and must interact with plant scientists”
“Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Food Consumption Behaviors Go Together”
Determining the True Costs of Our Food Through Systems Thinking
How Soil can Improve Food Security While Combating Climate Change
Integrating Livestock into Crop Rotation
How to Meet Rice Demand more Adequately, Equitably, and Sustainably
Beyond Organic: Interview with Jeff Moyer
In West Africa, “Customers prefer the local guinea fowl”
Demand-driven Innovation for the Drylands to “deliver better nutrition for you and economic opportunity for smallholder farmers”
How to Break into Organic Farming: Interview with Rodale Institute
“A healthier debate is the key to healthier food systems”
Value Added Bread Stimulates Economy
Changing Women’s Lives in Ivory Coast
Food Tank President Danielle Nierenberg to Visit West Africa
Dickinson: Mission-Based Foods are the Future

118 Organizations to Watch in 2018
The Ghosts of Feasts Past: How to Reduce Food Waste
Remembering Calestous Juma: Scholar and Champion of Innovation
A Year in Review: 2017 Food and Agriculture News
Barilla Launches Food Innovation Hub and Venture Fund
Gardens are emblems of resistance: Interview with Slow Food International Vice President
Webinar: The Human Face of Trade and Food Security
BCFN Award Recognizes Young Food System Researchers
Storytelling Contest Open: Win Trip to Alaska
Bananageddon Film Examines How to Save America’s Favorite Fruit
“Thousands of young people ready to build new farms”
Soil: Mitigating Climate Change While Creating a More Resilient Food System
Almond Milk “Doesn’t come from cows fed a lot of almonds!”
Dolcini: “Efforts to help one species generally promote all species”
Four Advocates for Minority Farming Resilience
Campbell Joins Plant-Based Food Trade Group
Zambian Farmers Outline “Potential agriculture holds to reduce poverty and hunger”
Prize for Food Supply Chain Solution Startups: Applications Now Open
Outrage and Inspire: Stories of Hunger and Humanity
Rockefeller Foundation: “Cities can better rescue surplus, wholesome food”
Leadership Award Recognizes Visionaries in Sustainability, Food Access, and Public Health
Live Webinar October 31: “Tackling Urban Food Waste”
Live on Twitter: Changing climate, changing diets: How do we balance appetites and climate action?
Documentary Screening to Support American Farmland Trust
Fighting Food Waste for World Food Day
Fighting food waste during World Food Prize week
This Company is Using Food to Preserve Food and Fight Food Waste
Sundari Kraft: “People eat more veggies when they take part in gardening”
Agriculture and Food Technology Accelerator Calls for Applications
Chef Sithappah: “As chefs, our priorities have shifted back to the beginning”
After a Global Hunger Increase, These 17 Organizations Innovate for Change
Remembering Gus Schumacher: Farm Hero and Food Justice Advocate
Tutwiler: “Agrobiodiversity holds the key to future food security”
Youth Farming Program Seeks Executive Director in New Orleans
Leaders Gather to Develop Sustainable Solutions in Asia-Pacific
Kimbal Musk: "Grow real food rather than commodity crops"
Alison Grantham on Fixing Our Food System
Family Farms Will Feed Farm Aid Concert
Gigi Lee Chang: “Small changes will add up to big impacts”
Dr. Prasanta Kalita: "Everybody deserves food, nutrition, and water"
Host BBQ for Bee Awareness Event in Your Town
New Beer Saves Food From Landfills
Farmers and Ranchers Participate in the Census of Agriculture 2017
Grasshoppers Jump into the United States Food Market
Rice Sustainability in Developing Countries Addressed by New Agreement
Organic Commercial Farming in the Southwest
Pesticide Safety Questioned by Pregnancy Research
Chefs and Restaurants in Defense of Bees
Improving Health and the Planet by Reducing Meat Consumption
Trials and Tips for Southwest Gardening
Largest Humanitarian Crisis Since 1945
Crete Cook Cultivates Sustainable Sanctuaries
South Sudanese Fighting Famine
Meat and Dairy Industries Damage Climate
The New ABCs of Medical School: Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Cooking
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Key Pollinator Fights for Survival
Animal Welfare Prioritized by United Nations Committee
Sustainable Spirits from Hawaiian Sugarcane

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